erik stewart jeweler

Contemporary sculptural form…Exquisite detail in design and workmanship…Clever use of negative space…Intelligent settings…Erik Stewart Jewelry presents a uniquely personal synthesis of architectural form and sophisticated style transformed into Art for the Body.


Influenced by his mother (a jewelry designer) and father (an architect) Erik Stewart began his career in the jewelry industry at the age of 13, developing foundation skills at the bench. Erik Stewart received formal training at the Gemological Institute of America and is a certified Graduate Gemologist (2003). Trained in Matrix, Erik uses computer aided design software to enhance precision, create clean lines, and achieve world-class workmanship. Erik Stewart collaborates with master jewelers to manufacture all designs with superb care and the highest level of quality. After years of custom design and retail, Erik Stewart officially debuted into the wholesale market as a JCK Rising Star (2012).


Erik’s design concepts stem from the vivid imagery from his engagements with music, visual and performing arts (wife is a dancer), food, and travel. His strong affinity for geometry within nature, minimalistic elegance, and transforming complexity into simplicity are significant motifs in all of his jewelry. The ESJ brand is innovative, conceptual, and dynamic.


With the objective of challenging and expanding notions of jewelry design by the jewelry industry, retail market, and himself, Erik Stewart welcomes every publishing/educating opportunity. Areas of expertise that he can speak on include: jewelry design, design process, jewelry aesthetics, computer aided design (Matrix), gemology, and the relationship of architecture and jewelry.


“My concepts reflect my lifelong story. The elements are purposeful and intentional expressed as Art for the Body.”
-Erik Stewart, G.G.

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